What is an anorak?

The earliest definition for anorak is a type of raincoat. Later it was the trainspotters. They would go out in all sorts of weather to watch for rare trains. In bad weather they would wear anoraks and they themselves came to be known as anoraks.

The term anorak came to be associated with fans of offshore radio in May 1974. Three boats of people went to have a look at three radio ships operating off the dutch coast. The Mi Amigo, home of Radio Caroline was one of them. It was decided that day to present a show from the deck of the Mi Amigo rather than from the studio as was normally done. When the ships full of tourists arrived at the Mi Amigo Andy Archer was on the air when listeners heard him say how delighted he was that so many anoraks had come out to see the ship.

That my friends is why offshore radio enthusiasts are known as anoraks.