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Recording Current Shows


Recording the present day output of stations and presenters of interest to radio anoraks is fairly straightforward.


First you will need stream ripping software, that can capture a station’s webcast stream natively.  There are many tools that can do this, and the best incorporate scheduling software so you can set a particular stream to record at the same time every day or every week, etc.  The one we would recommend is called streamWriter, which is available as a free download, here:  (see Quick Start Guide below)


These are some addresses of station webcast streams you may be interested in recording:


BBC Essex



BBC Radio Kent (Roger Day)



BBC Radio Norfolk (Keith Skues)



Radio Caroline




Caroline Flashback




Radio Caroline North (last weekend of each month, with Manx Radio AM)


     Schedule:  Posted on the Radio Caroline home page during weekends when active


Radio Seagull


     Schedule (UK+1 hour):






Manx Radio (Carnaby St)




Oldies Paradise (Mark Stafford)




Oldies Project


     Schedule:  Sun 1100-1800, repeated Wed 1800-0100


UnCool Radio (Roger Day)


     Schedule:  Mon-Fri 2000-2200 Roger Day


Vault of Pop




Voice of Peace


     Schedule (UK+2 hours):




To download BBC radio shows, you can also use get_iPlayer, which again is available as a free download, here:


(Scroll down to choose the download appropriate for your operating system.)


A good ‘getting started’ guide for how to use get_iPlayer is available here:


An alternative BBC downloader for Mac users is Get iPlayer Automator



streamWriter Quick Start Guide!


A word about configuring streamWriter to capture your own recordings.


First, this software was designed to find particular tracks/artisits you like, and to rip them as individual songs from wherever they may be playing, on any radio stream, anywhere in the world.  Obviously that is not how we would use it to record complete shows.  So . . .


Once installed, start by going (on the top menu bar) to File / Settings / Streams.

-  At the top of this screen, enter the folder where you want your recordings to be stored.

-  If "Save separated tracks" is ticked, untick it.  Click OK.


Then, enter a stream address you want to record in the Playlist/Stream-URL box, and click the blue plus sign on the right.  You can do this by copying and pasting one of the stream names above.


streamWriter will find the stream, add it to the main window, and begin capturing it.

-  To stop the stream capture, click the blue square with the small red dot.

-  To hear any stream, whether or not it is being captured, click the blue right-facing triangle (Play) in the row of icons at the top.

-  To stop playing, click the blue square.


In the main box, right click on the stream name that has just been added.

-  Choose 'Rename' it if you want to change the name in the window.  Some stream names are very long, and I find it helpful to shorten them.

-  Choose Settings / Filenames to specify how you want the recorded files to be named.  For instance, for the weekly Carnaby Street recordings, I used a filename template of (enter in third box – ‘Pattern for filenames of stream files’):


%d Sat 0830-1030 Manx Radio - Chris Williams - Carnaby Street

The "%d" would then insert the correct date each week.  For more frequent recordings, %i is also helpful, which inserts the time.

Finally, to schedule unattended recordings:

-  Choose "Setup scheduled recordings...", or click on the clock symbol in the row of icons at the top.

-  The "Setup timers" window will open, where you can define daily or weekly recording schedules for that particular stream.  Enter your local times in 24 hr format.  I recommend you do NOT use the Specific Date option, because that is buggy and doesn’t work if a recording goes past midnight.


And of course, streamWriter must be active in order to function.  It can be minimized, but if it is not open, nothing will be recorded!



If you have any other questions about getting started with either streamWriter or RadioDownloader, please Contact Me, and I’ll be glad to help.